Real Brides: Casey & Peter

 Couple’s Names: 
Casey & Peter 
  Wedding date:
September 5, 2021
  Our engagement story:
I knew the proposal was coming, but just didn’t know when! We chose my engagement ring together and I assumed it would come within the next couple of weeks. I made sure my nails were painted perfectly every second of the next 2 months! I remember painting my nails one morning and Peter joked “you don’t need to keep fixing your nails I don’t even have your ring yet.” I played it off like “that’s not why!” but internally I was like “what the heck!” But that little sneak was planning my proposal for later that evening! I thought we were meeting friends for drinks before everyone left town for the holidays. I always asked to walk through the beautiful park across the street even though it was a little out of the way because they have the most beautiful holiday lights. He knew I’d make this request on this night as well. He asked a stranger to take our photo amongst the lights and just before I thought we were finished he got down on one knee! That angel of a stranger quickly switched to video, giving us the best clip to share with our friends and family!
  Our love story: 
We met in 6th-grade science class! We were friendly through middle school and high school. We had some of the same friends but were just not on the same page. Think – of a cheerleader who enjoyed studying and a semi-bad boy with long hair! Years later I moved to Boston for nursing school and was pleasantly surprised Peter was living there! We planned dinner to catch up and have been together ever since! We love that we knew one another as kids, but were able to meet again as adults. It’s always a little mind-boggling to think about how we are totally different people than we were when we were twelve, and yet we found our way back together!
Bride's wedding dress: 
 Falling in love with my Catherine Deane gown:
  I went into the boutique with a few asks: a timeless design, a low back, within my budget. The Livvy was the first gown I tried on. I loved the silhouette – fitted, but comfortable. I was obsessed with the back! But, I thought, you can’t buy the first gown you try on! I tried one on about 15 other gowns and then returned to the Livvy. It made me feel like a movie star. Elegant, but effortless. I was comfortable but felt incredibly sexy. But not too sexy that my grandmother would disapprove! I left the store thinking “just sleep on it.” But then I promptly called the boutique when I arrived home and ordered my gown. Best decision ever! I feel proud when I tell people about my dress! Other than it is gorgeous, it comes from a designer and company that values sustainability and community. I thought long and hard about what it meant to buy a dress to be worn for a single day. I found solace in knowing that Catherine Deane is committed to eco-friendly production and charity. 
  Bridesmaids dresses:
My bridesmaids chose their own dresses from BHLDN in midnight blue.
Our wedding venue: 
My husband is a chef so food was a top priority for him. We decided to tie the knot at a restaurant in Cambridge, MA, just outside of Boston. Our ceremony was on the patio overlooking a lake and park. Our reception was in a restaurant that was open to a balcony overlooking the city skyline.
  Our wedding style:
I’d describe our wedding style as minimal and chic. The venue space was decorated perfectly without us needing to add much! We chose brass and gold accents and lots of greenery. We wanted our guests (and ourselves) to feel relaxed. We didn’t want to follow all the typical wedding traditions just because. Instead, we opted for a cocktail hour magician, we delivered the one and only speech, we did a group first dance, and we had no agenda after dinner except to dance the night away!
  Our photographer:
Our photographer, Becca Leighton, was a former co-worker of my husband. As soon as we started planning our wedding we knew we needed her to help us remember our day. Her photos seem effortless and you feel like you are there in every shot.
  Our Honeymoon destination: 
We spent 10 days in Iceland! We explored all around the island by renting a car and staying in AirBnbs. It was the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. We saw so many waterfalls, wild horses, rainbows, and even saw a volcano erupt! The only thing we missed was the northern lights. Guess we need to go back!
  Our most memorable moment:
My most memorable moment was the immediate feeling of relief when we did our first look. I was anxious all morning when I was getting my hair and make-up done. The moment we were together again I felt at peace. I was just so happy to see my person and celebrate with him! Peter was adamant that we needed a magician at cocktail hour. I truly thought he was insane the first time he brought it up. I’m so happy he had that crazy idea because it was truly amazing! We were blown away by watching Mike awe us and our guests with his card tricks. He even convinced a few people he just wandered into a wedding… in a suit!
Wedding Venue: The Lexington 
 Caterer:  The Lexington
 MUAH artist: Jenny Luu 
Groom's suit:  Suit Supply