Real Bride: Madison & Justin

Couple’s Names:
Madison Massey & Justin Den Herder
Wedding date:
15 May 2021
Our engagement story:
We got engaged on a summer weekend in Cape Cod while laying in a hammock at sunset.
Our love story:
I was leaving a bar in the east village one night and hopped into a taxi. Somebody took off running after the car and caught me at the next red light less than a block away. He knocked on the window and breathlessly asked for my number. I asked him what his name was. He said “My name is Justin. You have such a beautiful smile. I couldn’t let you drive away.” I was in shock and the light turned green so I decided to get his number as this seemed like the safer option. I text him before I even got home.
Bride's wedding dress:
Catherine Deane Lita Gown
What it means to be a Catherine Deane bride:
Romantic, unique, and vintage-inspired. The Lita Gown made me feel like I was straight out of a period film.
Falling in love with my Catherine Deane gown:
Actually, I was having such a hard time finding dresses that I liked! While creating a mood board I came across the Lita Gown on an old blog and fell in love but I couldn’t find anything like it. The layers and beading give it a vintage feel.
Finding your Catherine Deane gown:
I made an appointment at the BHLDN showroom in NYC. I was planning to try on a few specific dresses. When we walked in I was so surprised to see the Lita Gown hanging right there in front of me. It was like a dream, It was the exact dress from my mood board. The Lita Gown was part of their newly-released limited edition Decade Collection.
Our wedding venue:
We got married on the stoop of our apartment in Brooklyn, NY. We both wanted to just have a courthouse wedding but COVID changed that. We felt like getting married at home was perfect for the time and us.
Our wedding style:
We wanted everything to feel natural as if we had just invited over family for lunch but with a little more flowers than usual.
Our photographer:
Leeann B Stephan was our photographer. I love her! Like me, she is from Lafayette, Louisiana. She is amazing at capturing the sweet candid moments.
Our Honeymoon destination:
We spent a few days in the Delaware Water Gap, kayaking and hiking.
Our most memorable moment:
Madison: Standing at the top of the steps during the ceremony and hearing passersby honk and cheer.
Justin: Our first dance and seeing our families together in person for the first time in a long time.
The funniest moments of the day were:
We only invited immediate family because it was a small ceremony at our apartment. But that didn’t keep a few close friends from flying in and crashing! It was such a great surprise! We were so happy to have them be there to support and celebrate us.
Wedding Outfit: Catherine Deane Lita Gown
Retailer: BHLDN Showroom NYC
Wedding Venue: Our home in Brooklyn, NY
Florist: Flower Girl NYC 
Hair Artist: Hair by Adam Livermore