Real Bride: Henry & Racheal

 Couple’s Names: 
Henry & Racheal
  Wedding date:
October 10, 2021
  Our engagement story:
Henry had a grand proposal planned in a treetop hotel but it was announced that we were going into lockdown in November 2020. He decided to scrap the plan and “have a night away from the baby before being stuck in” at The Royal Horseguard hotel. Our room overlooked the Thames and it was stunning. I had a feeling he was going to propose and I think he could tell as he kept faking me out. He bent down to tie his shoe while we were on a romantic walk having mulled wine. During dinner, he pulled his chair close to mine and gave me a romantic little speech. Finally, when my make-up was off and I had on comfy flannel PJs in bed, he told me about his dream life and all the things we wanted together with it ending in “If you’d marry me?” He presented the ring which was something that we saw months earlier at The Antique Jewelry Company and said I may buy it for myself cause it was so beautiful. Though, I could imagine spending the money while saving for a home. It was all very intimate, sweet, and thoughtful.
  Our love story: 
We met at the rooftop pool of a Soho House which we both sort of dread admitting. It was the hottest day of the year. I clocked him as soon as he walked in and I was still at my table. Later, I was in the pool with friends when I spotted his Olympic ring tattoo and he completely lost his nerve, told me he played hockey and swam away. I just assumed he wasn't interested and went on with my day. I returned to my table a few hours later and he was sitting there with a few acquaintances of mine. He charmed himself onto my table knowing it was where I was sitting. As we started talking, I grilled him about this effort and he admitted that he lost his cool because he never thought I’d approach him. At this point, his friends had left and he had waited an hour at my table to get a chance to ask me out so I thought that at least earned him a date.
Bride's wedding dress: 
My mum made my ceremony gown but I chose the Rosa Gown for my reception part of the evening. 
 Falling in love with my Catherine Deane gown:
 It made my wedding. I wasn’t keen on a lot of bridal gowns as I felt like I was in a costume. It felt like an absolute dream to wear my dress. It was like I was me but still a bride. I can’t tell you how that feels especially as someone who as an actress and influencer has worn a lot of gowns. I went to a second-hand and sustainable bridal shop and they had a sample of my own. I tried on a lot of dresses without any real thought cause I KNEW, I wanted a blue gown that I could dance in. The joke was on me. My friends picked out the dress and I didn’t want to take it off. I left without buying it then spent weeks and weeks thinking about it.
  Bridesmaids dresses:
 I just asked them to wear what made them feel fabulous except for my maids of honor. One wore a tuxedo jacket with a corseted jumpsuit as she’s not that big on gowns and the other wore a corseted draped one-shoulder gown both in a royal navy.
Our wedding venue: 
An old manor house in Cornwall named Burncoose House. It was everything we dreamed of and more. We wanted to treat our closest family and friends to a weekend away that we happened to get married during. It was so grand and luxurious while being homely and comfortable. 
  Our wedding style:
Think Bridgerton ending in a 70’s disco. We wanted it to be whimsical and romantic but still a party. About 10 people were drinking champagne out of the bottle in the hot tubs by the end of the night, watching the sun come up!
  Our photographer:
Charlotte Weaver shot our wedding and she was incredible. I cannot recommend her enough. My maid of honor Fifi Newbery (also a photographer) and I went over a lot with her so we could all be on the same page. Fifi helped me explain the candid feel I wanted to the photos while also being able to let go and let Charlotte do her thing.
I barely spoke to our videographer as my husband booked him and we did it about 2 days before. It was a last-minute decision. 
  Our Honeymoon destination: 
We plan to go to Italy in August 2022. A lot of Rome and Capri. My husband hasn’t spent a lot of time in Italy so I think it will be magical. Most of his travels have been from competing or lads trips so this will be a different way to travel for him.
  Our most memorable moment:
 I have no idea. I would say maybe the fireworks or my mother-in-law asking the band for ABBA about 5 times. Our chef made late-night pasties for everyone with gluten-free and vegan options. Seeing the way all our friends merged. Seeing Henry’s VERY British uptight friend get a twerking lesson from my bridesmaids. It was all amazing. Also, the best men (he had 2) speech was so funny, that I spat out my champagne.
  Our funniest moment:
   I’m not sure it was the funniest but it’s my favorite! We decided to cut costs by building a dinner playlist that we curated to a tee but instead one of the best men and my bridesmaid thought it’d be entertaining to throw in a mix of randoms to see if anyone noticed. First, I heard Let It Go and no one noticed but THEN, they played Sweet Caroline which resulted in a 27 person sing-along and a table-thumping with “bum bum bum” and the kitchen laughing with every “so good, so good, so good.”
Wedding Venue: Burncoose House 
Photographer: Charlotte Weaver 
 Caterer: The Duchy Chef 
Dress: Made by Bride's Mum & Catherine Deane  
Groom's suit: Suitsupply