Ariana & Juan

 Couple’s Names: 
Ariana & Juan
  Wedding date:
9th September 2023
  Our engagement story:
We were in Quito visiting family, my hubby is from Ecuador. He made a reservation in one of the most famous and beautiful hotels in the city center. He told me we were meeting some friends there but when we arrived, they were "very late". We had a 5-course meal and wine, then the waitress asked us to go to the rooftop for a special dessert and I knew there was something going on! I was so glad to have done my makeup. When we got to the rooftop there were red roses, champagne, a fireplace, and a table for both of us with the best view of the city. It was magical! He popped the question right away (a bit nervously) but by the time I said ""yes" we were laughing and kissing!
Our love story:
We met in college! He is from Ecuador, I'm from Peru and we both studied in Mexico. Funny enough, we were just friends for the entire duration of school. We would see each other at friends' parties and on campus sometimes. When we graduated, we bumped into each other at a party. It was then that we started dating but I was leaving soon for New York to fulfill my dreams. I ended up moving after only 3 months of dating, but soon after I realized there was no one like him so we started a long-distance relationship for 2 years! He would come visit me every once in a while. After those 2 years, the pandemic started, and I was back in Mexico - this time stuck with him in his house! Honestly, it was perfect timing and we had so much time to recover from when we were apart. It was meant to be!
Bride's wedding dress: 
Falling in love with my Catherine Deane outfit:
I'm obsessed with Catherine Deane designs. I actually saw the outfit I ended up choosing probably right after I got engaged and I KNEW that was the one. I didn't even bother looking for more. I just had to figure out how to get it since it was out of stock. After contacting the CD team, I was able to get it and flew all the way to New York to pick it up! I was very confident about my decision and when I saw it, I knew it was perfect. During my wedding day, everyone went crazy about it and complimented me so much. I was right to pick a Catherine Deane design!
It was definitely love at first sight. I was scrolling through Pinterest when I found the Anya Top and I knew that was it. When I clicked to see the website, I was in love with the entire brand, I was determined to get it for my wedding, and I didn't even bother looking for anything else!
 Did you go to a CD showroom or purchase your gown online? 

It was online! An entire journey because I would get it delivered to New York (where I work) and then bring it back to Mexico. I waited a while before it was back in stock and I had Lia Caley's help during the entire process. She was so great and helped me get my dream outfit.

Tell us about your Wedding Venue: 
It was in a national park in Quito called Parque Guapulo, in an old classic country house that was owned by a banker. It is a beautiful rustic house with huge windows, high ceilings and blue arched frames. The house offered amazing views of the park and it would fit 100 people. Not too big not too small, perfect for an intimate gathering like ours.
Wedding style:
Our wedding was very colorful and country-like. Wood, flowers, and linen were some of the elements that we chose for decor. We also highlighted a lot of the blue accents of the house and really just let the house shine by itself. We didn't have to do a lot to make it beautiful.
Our Honeymoon destination:
We are doing an Asia Tour in May next year! We are planning to visit China, Japan and Korea. We are very excited as we both are true lovers of the Asian culture and it's been our life dream to go there. We love to eat ramen and watch animes - we are very geek when it comes to all that. We will spend almost an entire month there and truly enjoy the culture, the food and everything that they have to offer!
Our most memorable moment:
I think for me it was our first dance. We spent so many weeks practicing to make sure it was perfect, and everything went wrong because my hubby injured his ankle a few weeks before the wedding. I was a bit nervous because he is not the biggest dancer so without practicing, we had no hope. In the end, it was perfect. The dance didn't actually matter (although I think we did well) but the most memorable part was just sharing those minutes with him alone on the dance floor, everyone disappeared, and I could just see his face - happier than ever.
 Our funniest moment:
During the party, there was a point where the groom's friends grabbed a chair and I was supposed to get on it so they could lift me in it. Just a silly tradition that they have in Ecuador. I don't even trust my own hubby to carry me like that, you can imagine I trust the friends even less - considering all the drinking! Anyway, my hubby begged me to do it so I did, and they lifted me a few times while I saw my life flash before my eyes. It was very funny. Now, you can see a sequence of photos where I'm definitely panicking praying for my life. The best photos ever!!
Wedding Outfit: Anya Top and Alexis Trousers
Grooms Suit: Zara
Photographer: Diego Gracia & Marcela Zapata
Wedding Venue: Parque Guapulo
MUAH artist: Alepine Damua & Atiloor Makeup and Hair