Women we Love: Katie Snooks

One of BBC's highest-performing documentaries in 2017 called, "Me, My Spots and I" was based on Katie Snooks's personal 10-year battle with acne that connected viewers on an intimate level. Katie Snooks is best known for her talks about womanhood, style, beauty, relationships, dating, and true crime. 
Katie snooks have been featured in Glamour, the New York Times, Metro, and Cosmopolitan UK.  Most recently Katie had a magical wedding and chose to wear the Catherine Deane Rumi Gown, now featured in our latest “Our Bride” blog
 What are some of your quirks?
Physically, I guess my biggest quirk would be the big scars on my back due to major spine surgery to treat my scoliosis when I was 12. I had to learn to walk again and wore a back brace for 6 or so months but never let that stop me from doing the things I wanted. Showing those scars on my wedding day felt important to me as it shows all I’ve overcome. 
Interest-wise, I’ve been learning aerial trapeze for the past 6 years - it’s the best hobby to keep me strong whilst having fun! I guess I like doing things slightly unpopular (embracing the fact I was never the popular kid at school) and I’m so open to new experiences!
What is your future vision for your brand/career?
I’d love to continue engaging with my audience and inspiring people to embrace their quirks and imperfections. I want to be your online bestie to go to for dating advice or London foodie recommendations. I’d love to do more presentations in the future and hopefully host my podcast one day!
What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?
The whole day was an absolute dream and I found myself standing back and trying to take it all in as much as possible as I knew it’d go by too quickly. There are so many memorable moments - my dad seeing me for the first time that day in my dress was emotional, walking down the aisle and seeing our vision come to life with my soul mate waiting for me, and also just our entire wedding party on the dance floor singing at the top of their lungs was a highlight. 
What does a typical weekend look like for you and your new hubby?
Now that we have no more wedding planning to do (hurrah!) we’re starting to think about decorating and making small changes to our home in East London. Our typical Saturday looks like this: a lay-in, a cup of tea in bed before deep cleaning the house, and then going for brunch. We either spend a day exploring London or snuggle on the sofa with video games and books! 
What is your ideal date night?
We both LOVE food and restaurants so it’d probably be pre-drinks at a pub followed by a delicious meal, before getting home for peppermint tea and some light-hearted TV! We also do ‘secret dates’ where one of us will book a date activity and keep it secret until the evening which keeps things exciting and is so much fun!
 If you had one superpower what would that be?
Being able to keep all of my house plants alive would be amazing! Or being able to talk to my cat, Dr. Maurice!!
 Are you a coffee lover, if so what is your go-to?
I’ve always been a tea girl, but started drinking coffee in 2018! I’m currently obsessed with an oat milk Dirty Chai - chai with an espresso shot. Either that or an oat latte with a shot of hazelnut syrup!
 Tell us more about your true crime obsession.
Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated by true crime, I blame this on the fact I grew up visiting my parents in Whitechapel who used to take me to the Jack the Ripper sites! I could spend hours researching cases on my laptop and love a true crime podcast. 
 What are your personal goals for 2022?
I would like to finish decorating my home office - a cozy, inspiring space to work and film from and I’d also like to keep working on self-improvement. I signed up for therapy for the first time this year, so learning more about myself and what makes me, me, is something I’ll always want to continue improving on! 
 What is one thing to note about acne that you have learned from me my spots and me?
Filming the documentary about acne for the BBC taught me that I’m not alone in my struggles with adult acne - that it’s such a common skin condition that so many people, unfortunately, struggle with. It taught me that there is more to me than my bad skin and that people can look past the state of my skin and see me, for me! I love showing my bare skin online now and empowering people to feel confident in the skin they are in, there’s more to you than your imperfections!