Women we love: Jazmin from Flamingo Boulevard

Looking back on this wonderful series we started a little while ago and taking stock of the last few months and the many challenges we have faced; we believe there is no better time to stand together and uplift each other. We are here to support and celebrate the inspirational woman – the woman who takes chances, who makes the brave decisions and the one who is not afraid to risk it all – we are here to spread the passion and influence that they have on this world.

Women are beautiful, strong, nurturing and encouraging and we are so excited to connect us all on a deeper level.  Please give us a shout as to who you would love featured next.
“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.”
Roman Payne
All the love Catherine Deane Team x

This is Jazmin, she embodies all that we stand for. Strong, brave, and beautiful – a true inspiration. We were lucky enough to have Jazmin join us as a stockist in 2019, and we could not contain our excitement to share her story with you.
In the heart of sin city, Las Vegas, Jazmin took the leap and got married in 2015, during the 2 years it took her to plan her wedding, she had difficulty finding her dream dress. She had a vision of something that was short and easy to move and groove in! Naturally she came across many challenges as those criteria are often not what we would classify as traditional bridal wear and not something that is easily offered.
This is when Jazmin decided it was time to take a stand and make a change in an industry that has often not been challenged. She took the brave leap to speak up for the “Non-traditional” bride, for the bride who envisioned something different and to stand up and say, “You can wear whatever you want”. This led her to opening Flamingo Boulevard, in a studio space which may seem unconventional, but a space that offered safety for all brides to feel at home

She makes sure she truly gets to know her brides on a personal level, ensuring she knows ALL the in and out details of the big day. This is not only because Jazmin is slightly wedding obsessed, but rather that it is a great honour that you would choose her to help you navigate through one of the biggest parts of your big day. It is one of her life’s mission to make sure that her brides are never being pressured or having the “hard sell” experience, that is often felt at other stores.
We cant wait for you all to get to know her a little bit more with some of the questions she has answered for us.
What has inspired you and given you strength throughout lockdown?
I am quite a positive person, maybe too much for some people sometimes but having the same like-minded people around me has given me strength to get through some of the hardest days during these lockdowns. These same people are the ones who inspire me – my industry friends who have fought this fight with me to keep our businesses going, my gorgeous Brides who forever show support for Flamingo Boulevard and me as a girl boss and most of all my incredible friends and family, in particular my Husband who has worked every day through all of this as a key worker and is still there to listen to me talk wedding dresses 24/7!
Do you remember your first bride?
Absolutely! I remember my first ever Bride in my days before Flamingo Boulevard and also my first walking through our doors! I was just as nervous for both but the excitement I had those days I still have today for any Bride I get to meet!
Do you have any rituals when a bride finds her dress?
Every Brides experience is so different and that is something I love about my job but one thing I always encourage Brides to do it enjoy the moment and the time in the dress you’ve just fallen in love with – dance, wander around, get a feel for how it going to be on their big day because it will make them fall even more in love! It normally gets to the point where the Bride forgets she has it on and is just having a normal convo with me and I love that!
What is the perfect way to start and end your day?
I always start the day with a cup of tea, how British of me! One thing I have tried to implement during the lockdown is no phone time as soon as I get up and before going to bed – this helps me to be more present with my Husband and let’s my mind settle to think about the day ahead and what I’m grateful for because I think this is so important in such a chaotic world we live in currently.
How do you overcome fear?
A quote from my Dad ‘when things get tough, get tough with them’ – this is something he said to me once and it has stuck and whenever I get a worry and always think of him saying that! I am naturally quite an anxious person and a massive overthinker (I get that from my Dad too! Haha!) but I have overcome a lot in my 29 years on this planet and still live to tell the tale so always try and remind myself of that then things don’t seem so scary.
What does success mean to you?
As cliché as it sounds, success for me is being happy! Whether it’s in my work life, my home life, in myself – success for me isn’t measured my money or status or material things because you can have all that and still be unhappy, so I work hard for happiness!
What has been your greatest achievement?
Oh I have so many! I would have to say building Flamingo Boulevard Bridal from nothing to what it is today. It has been THE hardest 4 years but for the first time just a few months ago, post lockdown, in the middle of a pandemic, having moved our studio to the most amazing space, I finally felt proud! Proud that I had worked so hard, and things were finally paying off and I was actually getting everything I dreamt even in the middle of a pandemic! A book that you read that positively shaped you? The Secret! Law of attraction is something I honestly believe, and I feel has helped me get where I am today with all the love and positivity I have around me!
What is your life moto?
‘There’s nothing Tequila can’t fix!’ Haha! As much as that is true (and something I say a lot!) I would say my motto is ‘let’s manifest it!’ – I must say this 50 times a day and honestly believe it works!
Pilates or yoga?
What advice would you give to women in 2021?
Find your tribe because having a strong network of like-minded woman around you will rise you up even more!
What motivated you to start a bridal boutique?
It was my dream job since I was a little girl but the stress of finding my own wedding dress was what give me the push to actually do it! I knew I wanted something ‘different’ but not in the pink and orange spotty with 10ft train kind of way – I just wanted something that wasn’t really traditional and was more laid back and more me! After working in bridal for years before Flamingo Boulevard I knew I was not the only one looking for this, so with a little push from my Husband I took the plunge to go it alone!
What do you consider a satisfying life?
I suppose it is where everything is in balance in work, life, relationships. I think this is something really hard to maintain with you own your own business because so much work goes into the daily grind but even taking an hour to walk my dog at the beach with my Husband or 30 minutes in the bath can be such satisfying things in my hectic life.

How do you find success?

I’m a planner and goal setting, and I think this really helps – whether they are small things to tick off weekly or big yearly/life goals, I find working towards something helps me keep moving forward and motivated to find even more success!
What is the biggest goal that you’ve achieved in the past year?
I think like many businesses and people, it’s surviving a pandemic (well nearly, it’s not over just yet!) – not only that, Flamingo Boulevard has also grown which is crazy to think having been closed for 8 months in a year!
What is the best way to de-stress?
Music! If I’m having a moment where everything feels like it’s too much I just put on my favourite tunes and SING! It amazes me every time how music can completely change my mood!
Where is your happy place?
Anyone that knows me knows how much I love Vegas – it’s the place I feel most free and relaxed but my happy place close to home is anywhere with my friends and family. I have the most amazing relationships with my closest people that it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, just being around them is the best place to be!