There are few things that celebrate love as openly and profoundly as writing your own wedding vows. Add in the act of saying them out loud to your partner in front of your nearest and dearest and you could be in for a daunting experience. At the same time adding personal vows to your wedding ceremony can be one of the most memorable experiences of your married lives. To celebrate the month of love, we felt it was the perfect time to explore tips and tricks to writing your very own heartfelt wedding vows.  


To get you started on your vow writing journey we recommend giving yourself as much time and space as you need. Take this opportunity to reflect on the most memorable events in your relationship thus far. Scroll back through your photo albums and thinking back to key dates that stood out to you and your partner. Happy memories have the knack of highlighting not only the actual event, but also the key elements and values that you and your partner share – the values that are to become the glue that holds your future relationship together and your vows are the perfect time to reiterates and celebrate these values. 

Set The Tone 

Choosing the tone that your vows should take on can be a uniquely personal an important aspect of your vow writing. Go with a tone that feels true to you and your unique personality. If you are naturally bubbly and enjoy more light-hearted conversation on an everyday basis, keep your vows in a similar mood. Bear in mind that although you might have an audience present, your vows are less about entertaining them than it is about a special moment between you and your partner so, focus on keeping the experience true to you and your beloved.  

Keep It Personal 

If you are comfortable sharing a few inside stories and funny moments or, sweet words that only you and your partner might understand, feel free to add these into your vows. This can be a wonderful way of adding a personal element to your speech, while adding a smile to your partner’s face. Of course, we don’t suggest divulging anything too personal but a light-hearted nod to something only the two of you are privy to can be a wonderful way to connect in this often-overwhelming moment. 

An Ode to Your Loved-One 

Center your vows around your partner by highlighting some of their most cherished characteristics. Feature the elements about them that you most adore and truly make your vows a celebration of them and your love story. 


Your vows are a wonderful occasion to highlight the promises you intend to keep to your partner. Reading them to your partner is a momentous occasion that is sure to stick with the both of you for decades to come – a memory that serves as a beautiful reminder of your promises to each other through the good times and the bad.  

Side Notes to Vow Writing 

Apart from giving yourself ample time to write your vows, we suggest practicing them out loud with a trusted friend or by recording yourself.  Practicing beforehand assures that you stick to your timeline and storyline – experts suggest that you keep you vows to around 500 words even though you might be able to sing your partner’s praises for hours on end.  
For a truly memorable experience, avoid memorizing your vows and instead, leave room for breathing space and a little more spontaneity. Staying present in the moment will make this occasion all the more memorable for both you and your partner. Most of all, have fun with it! As daunting and serious as it might feel to say your vows out loud on your wedding day, try to take a light-hearted approach to it and see it as another memorable moment to add to your personal love story.