Women We Love: Lauren & Pamela from The Feng Shui Collective

We fell in love with the mother-daughter duo, Pamela & Lauren, during our Bridechilla Experience we hosted in 2021. This dynamic duo has hosted numerous sold-out workshops and offers a variety of tools to help you achieve your interior goals and make the planet a more beautiful place.We sat down and had a chat with Pamela & Lauren to find out more about how they got into Feng Shui, what it is like working as a mother-daughter duo, and what inspires them on their day-to-day journey. Read what they had to say below!

1. How did you get into feng shui?

Pamela (Mom) started studying and practicing feng shui in 1994. It took nearly three decades to finally figure out that feng shui found her and not the other way around! Since then, Lauren, by osmosis, has been learning about this natural science. Lauren has been a Goal Coach for the last decade, helping thousands of women achieve their most passionate life goals. Over the past two years, mom and daughter have partnered up, using both Lauren’s unique model of goal-setting and Pamela’s contemporary form of feng shui to create The Feng Shui Collective.

2. Why Feng Shui and what do you find it brings to your life?

We believe we’re all looking for ways to live a more delicious life. Feng shui is but one tool in what we call your “Toolbelt of Happiness.” For example, your toolbelt might include your meditation practice, clean eating, exercise, engaging your circle of friends, etc. When you’re aware of your toolbelt, you will become the architect of change in your life rather than being a victim of circumstance. Feng Shui will absolutely bring more joy, peace, ease, hope and beauty to your life, and it’s a delightful way to live.

3. What is your goal in sharing the power that feng shui can bring to one’s life?

We believe that by helping our clients and students accomplish their goals and elevate their spaces, they build confidence; there is nothing more stunning than a confident being. And, as they continue their feng shui journey, they begin to create a ripple effect that positively impacts the planet's vibrations.

4. How is it working so closely with your mom?

Well first, I get to spend lots of time with her. What I also love about working with my Mom is that we compliment each other’s expertise and skill sets. For example, she excels in the areas of the business that I don’t and vice versa. It’s satisfying to see how we divide and conquer! Plus, it’s so fun to do photoshoots, have business lunches, and travel together.

5. What gives you strength when starting your day?

What gives both of us strength is starting our day knowing that we’re able to make a positive impact on many lives. We truly do feel that we’re living our purpose.

6. What inspires you on your day to day journey?

Our family and business inspires us! We enjoy the recognition we receive by doing a good job and the positive energetic flow it provides.

7. What is the first thing you do when a client approaches you for some feng shui guidance?

The first thing we ask is “what called you to work with us?” From that we discover where they are on their feng shui journey. Then, we utilize Lauren’s signature “7 steps of Goal Setting” because you can’t have the “shui” without the “feng.” From there we determine where a goal “lives” energetically in the home and get to work in that area with intention. Expect a miracle!

8. What does success mean to you?

Success means that we get to do work that we love and it makes a positive impact on those it touches. Success means freedom!

9. Best advice you have been given and who was it from?

The best advice we’ve received is from my Grandmother (and Pamela’s Mom). “Do what you love and the money will follow!”

10. What are some things you have learned in 2021?

1. Keep growing with perseverance
2. Write it down!
3. Expand your income streams
4. Don’t waste time with people who lower your vibration and bring you down