Will you be a Summertime bride?

As the summer season is fast approaching, we are taking a look at our favorite bridal floral styles and how to best match your dress and wedding flowers!


Aziza in Bridgette

Our real bride Aziza paired the vintage inspired Bridgette gown with a rustic and dainty floral headpiece and pastel coloured bouquet. Aziza created an elegant and bohemian bridal style.

Nadine in Tamsin Blush

Our real bride Nadine created a romantic and feminine bridal style with Tamsin in blush, paired with a bouquet of fresh pink summer flowers.

Anne in Zoe

Our real bride Anne stood against a heavenly backdrop of vivid and radiant flowers, her delicate and romantic floral headpiece matched the intricate floral lace design of the Zoe.

Christiana in Fantasia

Christiana walked bare boot across the sand at her summer time Greek wedding, a bouquet of natural and rustic olive leaves created an authentic and dreamy bridal style and perfectly matched the whimsical Fantasia gown.

Sofy in Carli

Our real bride Sogy opted for the most summery flowers of all to match her fresh and vibrant summer wedding. Vivid and radiant sunflowers were carried by her bridesmaids whilst she held a bouquet of fragrant and dainty lavender flowers.